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Journey Into The Amazon - Ecuador's rainforest is one of the most biodiverse and least explored regions in the world. Stanley Stewart ventures to its centre as a guest of the Huaorani people who are striving to find new ways to protect their unique and ancient ways of life.

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Ecuador: Tribal Tales - Home to the Huaorani Indians, Ecuador’s Amazonian rainforest is one of the world’s most biologically rich strips of land, where travelers can learn to hunt with a blowpipe, shin up trees barefoot, summon birds and spot monkeys. Yet despite being a region of unequivocal beauty, the threat of oil drilling hangs heavily in the air.

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Explore the Amazon - One of the best ways to experience the Amazon's incredible array of diversity is at Ecuador's little-known Huaorani Ecolodge, a solar-powered oasis in the heart of the 1.7 million acres of Amazon owned by the Huaorani, the tribe at the center of Joe Kane's 1995 book Savages.

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Ecuador's Amazon eco-lodgesThe Ecuadorian Amazon presents some of the world’s most praised ecolodges – and some of the most threatened rainforest. Three indigenous communities let us in.

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In het oosten van Ecuador, diep in de Amazone, wacht je de unieke kans om een aantal dagen met de inheemse Huaorani op te trekken. En zelf te ervaren hoe de mens nog in balans met de natuur kan leven.

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Amazon Tribes Use Latest Gadgets to Battle DevelopersIsolated tribes in the Amazon are now using satellites, computers, and even Google Earth to guard against threats from logging, agriculture, drug wars, and oil operations.

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Moi Enomenga, EcuadorMoi Vicente Enomenga Mantohue was born near Coca in the Ecuadorian Amazon just as his family and the Huaorani were first contacted by American missionaries. Some of the clans cultivated this contact, but Enomenga’s father decided to find a place that was isolated, where he could continue to hunt, fish, work on his land, and see his children learn about traditional life in the forest.

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The Amazon: Trip of a LifetimeIn the latest of our series on ultimate journeys, Chris Moss tells you how to tackle the Amazon.

The Guardian Take me to the riverUnder siege from oil companies and loggers, the Huaorani of Ecuador are fighting back - through ecotourism. Piers Moore Ede is the first to visit their Amazon lodge

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Fast Five Profile: Tropic Journeys in Nature - Who are you? Brief description of trips you offer. My name is Jascivan Carvalho and I am the General Manager of Tropic Journeys in Nature as well as the Executive Director of the ecotourism foundation Conservation in Action

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Tropic Journeys in Nature, Ecuador - If you're dubious about the claims made by travel companies promising 'authentic' tribal tours, then Tropic's trips are much more like the genuine article.